Briefcase turns into a portable grill

Get BBQ ready this summer with the Mon Oncle Portable Briefcase Grill that you can be the Grill Master where you’re going. On the outside, the grill looks like a vintage, classic briefcase – like one that would use a sign of “Mad Men”. But if you open it, there is a portable table grill that is perfect for when you should have a born fire , a romantic date in the park hosting or if you feel like grilling a juicy piece of steak when you’re out and about . It has tiny holes throughout the unit,the air flow is let in and out of the grill, making it hot and less prone to overheating . It is suggested to use coconut shell ecological charcoal, as it does not produce flame, stores the heat and emits minimal smoke. It comes in three different colors and measures 32 inches wide, 44 inches long and 12 inches deep. It is easy and quick to disassemble, clean and store. Get yours here .

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