Bose announces Sport Open Earbuds, Imadoki’s open earphones overseas

Bose, which is familiar to readers of this magazine with speakers and headphones, has announced the “Bose Sport Open Earbuds,” an ear-hook type open wireless earphone. As the model name suggests, this model is strongly conscious of sports applications.

This is an earphone that can be worn by hooking it on the outside of the ear, not on the inside of the ear. This provides an open fit and is designed to easily capture ambient sounds.

On the other hand, probably because of the product concept, the noise canceling function, which can be said to be the icon of Bose earphones and headphones, is not installed. This is a trade-off with the benefits of the ear hook type.

The main body is IPX4 water resistant. Designed for outdoor runs and gym workouts. It weighs 14g, has a battery life of 8 hours, and has a voice assistant activation button on the left side of the unit.

In addition, Bose has already released the wireless earphone “Bose Sport Earbuds” for fitness, but this is a canal type earphone that is worn inside the ear, and it is a model with higher sound insulation.

The Bose Sport Open Earbuds are priced at $ 199.95 and are already available for pre-order in the US. It will be on sale from mid-January. This earphone seems to be the best when you want to enjoy music while ensuring safety even outdoors.

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