BenQ HT2550 4K projector rating

BenQ HT2550 4K projector uses the newer, smaller, affordable, and slightly lower “resolution” 4K UHD DLP chip. I spent a lot of time over the past week watching HDTV and movies with him. This is a small projector that packs a lot of power while giving you a big value set. This short throw DLP projector gives you a 100 inch screen at just 10 feet. While not as small as the LED bag – throw projectors, this 9.3 pound device is still very posable with an 11 “x 14” footprint.

This projector packs in a lot of features

Is it worth the $ 1,399.00 price tag? That’s a good question. Read on to see what we thought, this small but powerful projector.

4K capable 
image quality beats most straight out of the box 
light and portable 
Great price and value

5 watt speakers obviously not ideal is 
not onboard media players, so you can go PC-free, 
could use more intelligent features


The HT2550 has 2,200 lumens of brightness, a 1.2: 1 zoom lens and 4K HDR capabilities. This projector works best in a home theater or to where you are very dark. It comes with a decent remote and has tons of color settings to optimize and get the perfect picture . You also get a 4,000 hours of full – life lamp life that can stretch up to 8,000 in Smart Eco mode. It is also 3D capable. So this projector packs in a ton of great features. The 5 watt speaker is adequate, but of course is not a substitute for sound quality.

Right out of the box the picture quality is better than most projectors. It will take some tweaking and there are many settings to do it. Once fine-tuned, the colors usually appear accurate. They provide adjustments for all six primary and secondary colors as well as skin tone and color enhancer settings. Flesh tones looked very good.


The HT2550 has a nice curved shape and is small enough to be portable for movie night. The size allows to sit almost everywhere. As for the fan sound, do not expect the typical loud projector. This works with more a buzz that does not bother with the movie. It’s not quiet, but it’s pretty close.

It only has the basic inputs on the back with Audio In, Audio Out, PC, HDMI 1, HDMI 2, Mini USB, USB, Type A and 12V TRIGGER.

This brings us to the only real disappointment with this projector. The fact that it lacks an onboard media player. This means that you need to be connected to the source, whether it’s your TV, PC or laptop. These days this feature is a must. I understand that it would have increased the price, but I think consumers would have been prepared to pay. Despite this supervision, the HT2550 remains a great value, as it is otherwise difficult to function.


Aside from the different picture settings, you’ll need some time to tune it for the best possible focus. Small movements of the focus selection can create big effects on the screen. If you get it right, you will not need to touch it again when you move the projector.


The installation is very easy. Just plug in the power cord and source, and turn on the projector. You may want to adjust the zoom and focus, then you are good to go.

picture quality

Just about everything that we observed on this projector was detailed, sharp and clear, as long as you are correct in the appropriate environment and your settings. BenQ made it really easy to watch a high-quality image relatively stress-free.

The best projector for the price.

Movie Night Will Never Be The Same


The BenQ HT2550 projector is a pleasant experience. It boots without much delay, quieter than most works and has so many settings that you get more control . It comes with a very useful remote, which is nice because that is not always the case. There is 4k and 3D capability built right in. Whether it’s movies, sports or gaming, this short throw projector has everything you need. In fact, it has more than you need. The menus are very intuitive and easy to navigate. We wish it an onboardMedia Player had, but we can not really complain about the great value for the price.

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