“Arrows 5G” impression: See the image of that model in high-end arrows for the first time in 5 years

In the smartphone world, where players, technology and the market environment will change drastically in 10 years, Fujitsu Connected Technologies has announced the first high-end smartphone “arrows 5G” as an arrows brand in 5 years. Its appearance has changed drastically from arrows in recent years, and it has become a smartphone that appeals with the advancedness of 5G.

Thin body with a thickness of 7.8mm. The organic EL display that covers the sides with a gentle curve, the triple camera that can change the angle of view of fashion, etc., will only surprise you with the differences from arrows smartphones in recent years.

And the sharpest point of this smartphone corresponds to “millimeter wave”. Although it is a communication in the millimeter wave band where mobile communication can be performed while demonstrating the high speed of 5G, there are circumstances where it is necessary to devise antenna design etc., and arrows 5G is the first 5G smartphone lineup prepared by DOCOMO with 6 models And Galaxy S20 + only support 2 models.

While having such sharp performance, when you take it in your hand, you can see that it also has elements like arrows. For example, the camera has a simple and best screen configuration in which a shutter button is displayed large and a photo can be taken when pressed. This time, a function called “Photoshop Express mode” will be implemented here in cooperation with Adobe. We couldn’t try it because it was under development, but this mode saves the automatically adjusted image equivalent to the Photoshop Express app just by taking a picture.

Mochi is Mochiya, photo is Adobe. I don’t hate the attitude of working with a professional rather than developing it in-house. It’s a nice touch to not only pre-install the Photoshop Express app, but also add some extra customization.

The in-screen fingerprint sensor, which is adopted for the first time by arrows, has a unique function. The name “FAST Finger Launcher” is a feature that allows you to launch a specified application just by touching your finger. Apps can also be assigned by touching and sliding your finger up, down, left and right, so you can specify shortcuts for five apps with one finger.

Also, “SNS Share” is a pre-installed app that was unlikely. When this app is launched, arrows 5G functions as a server that can be connected locally via Wi-Fi, and can share photos on the terminal with multiple people. The client is widely compatible with iPhone / Android browsers and can upload photos on arrows 5G server. Since Wi-Fi Direct is a local communication, it does not use useless data communication.

Focus on new mobile communication, thin body, powerful performance and ease of use … I picked up this arrows 5G and came to my mind with the docomo 4G LTE (at that time Xi Crossy Was called “ARROWS X LTE F-05D”.

I used ARROWS X LTE around 2012 as the main unit. Whether the phone was packed with advanced features of Xi or the limitations of the chipset and Android platform at that time, it often freezes when the application processing is accumulated. At the time, the behavior of Android smartphones from any manufacturer was almost the same, so I used it without worrying about this. I remember that when I upgraded to Android 4.0, the movement became smoother and (for the time) a particularly frustrating smartphone.

▲ I was using magenta. There is something that goes between the thin high-spec and the concept

The ARROWS X LTE was released in 2011, and arrows 5G was announced in 2020. Communication, hardware, and the Android platform have evolved to be recognizable. Arrows 5G is equipped with Qualcomm’s latest top chipset Snapdragon 865 and has been certified as “Snapdragon Elite Gaming” to guarantee operation suitable for games.

Touching the arrows 5G, I was impressed that the enjoyment of using a smartphone that gained stability that was indistinguishable from nine years ago and the possibility of enjoying the new high speed of mobile communication was also good.

By the way, when I asked the person in charge of DoCoMo why it changed so far, a simple answer saying that the target user is different from the middle range that arrows has developed so far. The toughness of the MIL spec, which has been a standard for arrows smartphones in recent years, has probably been traded off for its thinness.

On the other hand, there are some parts of arrows 5G that have inherited the function of arrows in recent years. “Washable with hand soap” waterproof performance is alive.

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