Apple Announces Deprecation of Education Tools iTunes U and iBooks Author

Apple has announced that it will terminate iBooks Author, an e-book authoring app, and iTunes U, an educational support tool, which the company provided.

iBooks Author will not be available to new users after July 1st after the app update was stopped, and iTunes U will be discontinued by the end of 2021.

iBooks Author is an eBook authoring tool for Mac. I was able to output it in PDF format and publish it on the iBooks Bookstore, but after all, it’s probably not widely used.

According to the official release, the ability to import the created content into Pages will be coming soon. 9to5Mac says it already has many of the iBooks Author features built into Pages.

The iTunes U is support tool for teachers , the ones that the lessons and challenges to create a course can be managed on the Web.

In this official release, while announcing the end of 2021, the next-generation apps “Classroom” (an educational assistant tool for iPad) and “Schoolwork” (distributing class materials and showing students’ progress) will be replaced. We encourage you to switch to a tool that you can understand) and “Apple School Manager” (a tool that allows IT administrators to manage devices such as iPad and Mac, books and apps).

It’s as if it’s finished its historic mission, but pointed out that 9to5Mac hasn’t been updated in years, despite the goodness of the two apps.

In particular, iTunes U, which appeared in 2012, wasted several years of original advantage, and brought the needs of online lessons generated by the new Corona War to Google Classroom. The magazine further suggests that such developments may lead to the further spread of Chromebooks (rather than iPads) in education settings.

Apple executives had previously commented on the success of Chromebooks in the education market, saying  are more enthusiastic about investing in software rather than the advantages and disadvantages of simple hardware. It may be divided into light and dark.

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