Apple: AirTags is ‘dissected’ and reveals the simplicity of the accessory

he AirTags , smart labels Apple presented last Virtual conference of the company, passed by the battery of endurance tests and maintenance of the site iFixit .

The specialist in dissecting electronics was impressed by the size of the accessory: it is the smallest on the market so far, compared to Samsung’s Smart Tags and Tile.

In addition, the simplicity of the device inside is remarkable: most of the space is occupied by the battery, which can be replaced after relatively simple procedures of opening the housing.

Simple, but not so much
But there are also some complexities in the arrangement of sensors and logic boards, in addition to a sound emitting device with higher quality than the others – this is one of the security mechanisms that avoid monitoring by strangers and help to find lost devices, among other uses .

IFixit only encountered one major problem: outside the protective packaging, AirTags are simply a sealed disc, without a keyhole, for example.

Using a special drill, the specialist himself showed how easy it is to create your own hole in the device without damaging it, reinforcing that the procedure must be done at the user’s own risk.

The complete detachment of the model can be seen on the iFixit website (in English) .

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