Android 11 Beta 1 released. Focus on people, control and privacy

Google released the deferred Android 11 Beta 1 on June 10th (local time). It can be installed on Pixel 2 and later Pixel series machines from the Android beta program.

I introduced that it was postponed here, but Android 11 Beta 1 was originally scheduled to be released in May, but due to the suspension of Google I/O, it was postponed until the online event on June 3. The event was postponed due to intensifying problems related to racism.

Due to this, Beta 1 has finally been released, but no online event was held, and instead several videos and online resources were released. The Google side said, “We made it possible to check at a timing that suits us.”

Regarding the content of Android 11 Beta 1 that is essential, according to Google, Android 11 is “focused on 3 people, control, privacy”.

First of all, for example, in order to facilitate communication, a dedicated area is provided in the notification field, so you can check and reply to notifications from multiple messaging apps in one place.

You can also prioritize important messages so that you do not miss them, important messages will be displayed on the Always On display, and you can be notified even in silent mode.

It will also introduce a bubble display similar to the chat head used in Facebook Messenger.

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