AirPods Pro Loves the feel of a natural wood case, but struggles to surprising pitfalls

Apple’s completely wireless earphone “AirPods Pro” is attractive only for Apple products because of the variety of cases. When I got the AirPods Pro the other day, I found LEPLUS’s “natural wood case” in search of a unique case.

The texture is unique and satisfying, but on the other hand there was a big pitfall …

Comfortable and comfortable to hold

After visiting the Apple Store and home electronics retailers in Tokyo, I couldn’t find my favorite case, but I found a “natural wood case” on the au PAY market online shopping site. The price is 2980 yen (tax included). I decided on this case because of the good timing that I had received a “two-year contract renewal gift certificate” worth 3,000 yen at the expiration of the two-year contract.

The feel of the natural wood case is smooth, and it is hard to get fingerprints even when compared to polycarbonate cases, so the rounded shape fits comfortably in your hand.

▲ Natural wood case (left) and AirPods Pro (right)

The thickness of the natural wood case is about 2-3mm, so if you attach it to the case attached to AirPods Pro, you will feel a little bigger. However, it is not thick or large enough to feel difficult to hold. Rather, personally, I felt that it was easier to hold and hold a natural wood case than a flat AirPods Pro case.

▲ Walnut Wood, Maple Wood, Karin Wood

Natural wood cases come in three colors: Walnut Wood, Maple Wood, and Karin Wood. I chose the lighter tone maple wood among the three colors.

Also consider opening and closing ◎

Often it can be evaluated not only for good texture but also for usability after installation. A magnet is mounted on the lid of the case, so the lid can be fixed firmly. For this reason, AirPods Pro will not fall even if the main body is inverted.

▲ The case lid is equipped with a magnet In

addition to this, the case has a carabiner on the outside, so it can be easily attached to a bag or belt and carried. It is likely to lead to the case itself.

AirPods Pro with a carabiner on the outside of the case has a status lamp that shows the pairing status and remaining charge, but the lamp part is firmly hollowed out, so leave the case attached But you can check the status of the lamp.

▲ You can check the status lamp from the small hole in the center of the case. The

part where the Lightning cable is inserted (charging terminal hole) is also hollowed out, so you do not need to remove it from the case every time you charge. By the way, according to the manufacturer site, it has been verified that Apple genuine cable can be inserted firmly. I don’t think we have verified it with all the cables on the market, but since it is cut out a bit larger than the charging terminal hole, I think that it can be inserted without problems unless the cable is extremely thick.

▲ Part where the Lightning cable is inserted

In addition to this, it is also a point that it can be charged just by placing it on the charger because it supports wireless charging with the case attached. I was able to charge my Qi wireless charger without any problems. Since there is no need to remove the case every time, this point can also be evaluated.

▲ Compatible with wireless charging

I’m addicted to hard non-slip …

What was disappointing was the “non-slip” for fixing the attached case of AirPod Pro to the natural wood case.

The inside of the case (including the inside of the lid) is a non-slip. It is not affixed to the area where the contact area with AirPods Pro is large. In addition to the four stickers on the main unit, four non-skids are included for replacement in the natural wood case.

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