Adidas smart insole released in Japan, 4690 yen. Measuring kick accuracy and shooting power at the sole

On March 10, 2020, adidas launched the high-tech insole “adidas GMR” using the sensor technology “Jacquard” developed by Google in Japan.

“Adidas GMR” uses the Jacquard tag developed by Google attached to the insole. The Jacquard tag includes a gyroscope device, an accelerometer, and a small processor that detects football-specific movements to detect movements and pressures on the user’s sole. The data obtained here is transmitted to a dedicated application paired with Bluetooth.

The app analyzes the data with its own algorithm and quantifies the accuracy of the user’s kick and ball touch, the shooting power, and so on. Since you can check your play as a numerical value, it is an index when thinking about how to practice.

Also, “adidas GMR” can be linked with EA’s game application “FIFA Mobile”. There are multiple challenges such as dribbling and feinting, and you can earn in-game rewards by actually playing and clearing with GMR mounted shoes.

Improving soccer skills in the real world will also lead to in-game team growth. The price is 4690 yen (excluding tax). It can be purchased at the official online shop in addition to the adidas retail store.

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