Added GPS link function to + Style app. Home appliances can be operated automatically when going out or returning home

PlusStyle (+ Style), a SoftBank IoT company, has updated its smart home appliance application “+ Style” and added a GPS link function.

This feature was announced at the same time that Wi-Fi connected smart lighting was announced in early February. Currently, this feature is treated as a beta version, and it does not guarantee 100% operation, but it seems that it can be used conveniently.

The + Style app originally has a “smart setting” function that allows you to operate multiple smart home appliances by triggering temperature, sunrise / sunset, schedule, or sensor. GPS linkage uses the smartphone’s GPS function as one of these triggers, and allows you to specify each action when entering and leaving a specified area.

The area can be specified on the map, and the range can be specified from 100m to 1000m. For example, if you move away from your home 100 m (when you go out), turn off the lighting and air conditioner and turn on the robot vacuum. Control “.

In addition to this, the new application has also improved small usability such as changing the registered smart home appliance icon to a picture taken by yourself, adding a memo of what timer is to the timer setting .

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