Added a Timbaland music pack to the VR game Beat Saber. 5 songs, from March 26

The music pack of the Grammy Award-winning hip-hop singer Timbaland arrives in the VR game’s hit “Beat Saber”. The pack contains 5 songs and costs $ 7.99. The price per song is $ 1.99. In the PC version it is Beat Saber that you can play using your favorite songs by introducing MOD, but for those who play with PS VR etc., a long-awaited new song that blows out the resentment that can not reach spring like spring due to the problem of the new coronavirus It is likely to be The five songs included in the pack are as follows:

“ Has A Meaning ” Sid Tipton og Timbaland
“ Dumb Thingz ” Kaydence og Timbaland
“ While We’re Young ” Wavezswavesz `
` What I Like ” Nash Overstreet, Karra & Common Strangers
“ Famous ft. Jake Davis ” Bruno Martini og Timbaland

On March 26, 6AM PST, we’re releasing the @Timbaland Music Pack!

Timbaland Music Pack contains 5 brand new hits featuring top artists and it’s the very first Music Pack composed exclusively for our game.

Beat Saber released a Green Day music pack at the end of 2019, and infused the old and new style of punk rock into the official recording of Beat Saber, which has many dance and electronic songs. Timbaland is a genre closer to the existing tunes in comparison, but it’s still a pleasure for players to have more songs available officially.

Beat Games, the developer of Beat Saber, was acquired by Facebook in November 2019, but development such as adding a 360 degree mode is continuing as it is at the base in Prague, Czech Republic, and recently sales volume is 200 There was also a report that the number was exceeded. This should be a pretty big hit for VR game sales, which is never more than the spread of headsets.

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