A Bluetooth speaker that can be submerged is from JBL

Harman International, which handles headphones and professional audio equipment, will release the JBL brand portable Bluetooth speaker “GO3” sequentially from November 13th. The direct sales price is 4380 yen (excluding tax).

The biggest feature is that it is equipped with a 43x47mm diameter full-range speaker and a passive radiator in a compact and lightweight body.

Regarding durability, one of the selling points is that it is dustproof in addition to the waterproof specifications of the conventional model. The protection class is equivalent to IP67, and it is not only resistant to water and dust, but also resistant to submersion.

In addition, the main body is wrapped in fabric material, aiming for a model that is easy to buy even for those who are particular about fashion. In addition to the large JBL brand logo, it has a shape that fits comfortably in your hand.

The main specifications are as follows. Bluetooth supports versions up to 5.1, and the codec only supports SBC. The maximum output is 4.2W and the frequency response is 110Hz to 20kHz. The charging terminal is compatible with USB Type-C. It is said that it can be played continuously for up to about 5 hours after charging for 2.5 hours.

The size is about 87.5×41.3x75mm (width x depth x height) and the weight is about 209g.

GO3 is available in 6 colors, and black, blue, red, and pink will be released on November 13. Orange and White will be available in late November.

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