3DCG images can be seen with the naked eye. Sony announces spatial reproduction display ELF-SR1

Sony has announced the “ELF-SR1” Spatial Reality Display, which allows you to view 3DCG images with the naked eye.

It can be viewed with the naked eye without using special glasses or a headset, and the actual sense of depth and texture can be displayed realistically, and there is almost no delay or deviation even if the subject is moving.

The specific mechanism of ELF-SR1 is to constantly detect the position of the eyes with a high-speed vision sensor and line-of-sight recognition technology, and grasp the positions of the left and right eyes in real time not only in the horizontal and vertical directions but also in the depth direction. Based on the eye position information, the light source image actually output from the display panel is generated in real time.

Also, with a conventional 3D display, the image of one eye is mixed with the image of the other eye (crosstalk), but with ELF-SR1, the image generated in real time is delivered to the left and right eyes. By attaching a unique micro-optical lens to the entire surface of the panel with ultra-high precision, crosstalk can be significantly reduced.

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