3 screens + VR goggles “Cycling VR” Japan Display and others developed

Japan Display (JDI) and Cross Device have developed “Cycling VR” that combines VR goggles and a three-sided monitor.

“Cycling VR” is a system that combines JDI’s VR goggles “Virtual Dive 100” and a three-sided monitor with an existing exercise bike. It is said that you can experience the experience as if you were actually cycling by changing the playback speed of the video in conjunction with the number of revolutions.

The display can be switched between a three-sided theater and VR goggles, and multiple people can enjoy it at the same time at corporate events and local tourism PR. In the future, we also envision the development of services in the cloud that can be used between remote locations.

This product is limited to domestic companies, and orders are accepted on the dedicated website.

JDI, which is rushing to recover its business performance, is strengthening its proposal for solutions using panels rather than simply selling display panels, and this initiative is part of that effort.

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